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Ryan Fullerton

A Brief Bio:


Ryan was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and grew up all over western Canada. Throughout his teen years, he pursued political causes to make him feel righteous and then drugs and sex to make him feel happy. Thankfully, when he was 21 he found his righteousness was a joke and his happiness had turned sour. Through the simple and intelligent witness of his step-mom, he came to trust Jesus Christ late in the evening just before Good Friday in 1995.

Shortly after his conversion, he studied at Prairie Bible College in Three Hills Alberta, and then at Tyndale College in Toronto, Ontario. In Toronto, Ryan worked in an inner-city church under the leadership of Dr. Stephen Beck. He also met the lovely Christy Joy Teal who became Christy Joy Fullerton shortly after their graduation from college.


The next eight years were a whirlwind and included drilling for oil, pastoring a church in a town with a population of 311, having four children (Jordana, Luke, James, and Jones), starting seminary, stopping seminary, and becoming (somewhere in there) the Lead Pastor of Immanuel.


Friday, Aug. 30:

Saturday, Aug. 31:

Sunday, Sept. 1:

1st Session: 7-8:30pm

2nd Session: 9-10:45am

Break-out: 11am-12pm (TBD)
Fellowship / Free Time: 1:30-4pm
3rd Session: 4-5:30pm

Sunday School: 9am
Main Service: 10:15am

(Sunday is not part of the official conference,but all are welcome to attend)


Lunch provided on Saturday.
please come join us!

Offerings will go first to the speakers, and after that to help differ other expenses incurred to make the conference possible. 
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