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Gifts & Offerings

When the Christian brings their offerings to the Lord, it's a joyful obligation they are fulfilling. On the one hand, when we give to the Lord, we are offering Him something of our own, something we freely and willingly give; on the other hand, we recognize that we are simply managers of what already belongs to Him, and we desire to be good stewards of all He has placed under our care. In both cases, it is an act of worship.

When the Lord calls us to Himself, He calls us to relinquish ownership of all that is ours and submit to His Lordship, recognizing the Earth and all it contains belongs to Him, including our finances. So when we worship the Lord in our giving, it is a matter between that person and their Master. No one from GBF will make please for people to give, or seek to compel anyone to give to support the work of the ministry at GBF. The Lord is faithful to provide for His work. 

We believe that the local church is meant to be supported by the local church, by it's members giving what they purpose in their own hearts to give, and not by means of compulsion. We believe the amount that each one gives is between them and the Lord. We must each determine this based on our own understanding of Scripture, and by the leading of the Holy Spirit through Prayer and the Word, as each one seeks to keep a clear conscience before the Lord. 

We would ask that anyone that is NOT a member of our church to NOT GIVE to us, unless you are first faithfully giving to your own local assembly, or your current circumstances keep you from being part of a local body. 

For those wanting to give, information on how to give can be found here.

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