Missions Matters to Us

When the early Church was told by Jesus what He would have them do after He ascended into Heaven following the resurrection, He told them they were to be His witnesses in their immediate city (Jerusalem) and in the surrounding cities and regions, and then go even to the remotest parts of the earth! Local evangelism, as well as foreign missions aimed at reaching the spiritually dark and yet unreached places on this earth, has been a vital part of the mission of Christ’s Church through history. Any church seeking to follow the Biblical pattern should pray, give or go themselves in the advance of the Gospel through missions, and our church seeks to do just that in whatever way we can. Below is a brief outline of some of the areas in the world our church seeks to have an active part in advancing the Gospel, whether through praying, giving or going!

We pray for and support the work of Josef Urban and other missionaries in central and southern Mexico, information on their ministry can be found at: www.cristianismobiblico.com
We pray for and support the work of unnamed missionaries involved in training underground church leaders, operating mercy ministries, orphanages, schools and related endeavors.
We are involved with relief missions to help refugees from Christian, Yazidi and Arab Muslim communities in parts of the Middle East, as well as church planting and evangelistic efforts.
We pray for and support the work of missionaries in historically closed-off parts of India as they seek to establish a local Biblical church, as well as operate a mercy house for homeless or impoverished girls.
Originally responding to the Philippines with a relief mission in 2013 following Typhoon Haiyan, we’ve sought to continue helping other churches in the disaster-affected areas with pastoral literature, conferences and other things to support the growth of indigenous churches.

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