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What to expect

Our Sunday morning services typically begin with announcements of upcoming events, followed by an evangelistically focused children's time. After this we will usually have a time of Scripture reading, and then a time of singing. Our singing consists of  a mix of traditional hymns and contemporary songs. We choose our songs based on the content of the lyrics, and whether or not the song can be easily sung as a congregation. (You can view our song list here) We celebrate the Lord's Supper each Sunday, typically mixed in with the song portion of the service, but at times it seems best to have it after the message. After singing and the Lord's Supper (normally) there will be a sermon, followed by a potluck style meal each week. We encourage guests to join us for our meal in order to get to know us better.

Our services are somewhat informal, but structured. Dress is casual and modest.

Though we are not a part of the "family integrated movement", we do all meet together for the whole service, old and young alike. We have a Cry Room for nursing mothers, young children that need a break, and a place to discipline children if needed. We believe it is the parent's responsibility to train up their children and teach them how to function in the church service. Children are NEVER a bother in the service, they are a blessing

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