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A Brief History of our church

Grace Bible Fellowship (originally named Sovereign Grace Community Church) was started through the Lord’s providence in August of 2008 by Grace Community Church of San Antonio, Texas. The original fellowship formed with several families of similar doctrinal persuasions seeking an evangelistic, reformed church in Corpus Christi, TX, based upon the Word of God, with a passion for Christ, and teaching the full counsel of the Scriptures.

The intent of the leadership in San Antonio and the Christians in Corpus Christi was, from the start, to plant the church in one of the needier parts of the city and seek to serve the poor. The church has since grown as an evangelistic, inner-city ministry with a desire for the true, Biblical and historical Gospel of Jesus Christ to be proclaimed throughout Corpus Christi, the Coastal Bend and the world.

The church became independent from GCC in July of 2010 and was no longer considered an extension ministry of GCC, but an independent congregation of like-minded believers. Following a year of testing various men and examining them for the potential to serve as elders over the church, SGCC in conjunction with the leadership at GCC and Lake Road Chapel ordained the first two pastor/elders in October of 2011.

Several years later we had the privilege of sending one of our Elders and his family to serve overseas. Several years later, in 2022, the Lord blessed us with the ability to appoint 2 more Elders, bringing our current number to 3 Elders. 

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